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One of the advantages of writing for a living is the ability to take our craft anywhere. Sometimes we may be writing from our home offices, the sofa or dare I say even the bed! Other times the location may be a bit further from home like a coffee shop, train or from a hotel in an exotic location. Having the freedom to work from anywhere is a real perk of the job. Writers will often tell you, and I also agree, that ideas often come when we’re not actually poised for work but when we’re in a more relaxed state.



The Thinking Chair

Do you remember in the film Honey I Shrunk The Kids when Wayne Szalinski returns home to find both his children and his thinking couch have disappeared? What a great idea to have a thinking couch. This is where I imagine his best ideas came from for the amazing inventions that he created.

We don’t always give much thought to the separation of ideas and actual work; we often just expect that the ideas will come to us if we try to think hard enough. But that’s just not always the case.


The Benefits of a Thinking Chair

If you have spent any time in the corporate world, you will know that spending time at a desk is valued and expected. Stepping away from the computer and finding somewhere else to form ideas is more than frowned upon. This is a real shame because as humans we can often be more productive if we take ourselves away from screens and take a moment to think without disruptions.

Having a separate space away from the place that you write may allow ideas to come to you in a more natural way. You may prefer a chaise longue, a comfy armchair, or a great quality executive chair. A thinking chair is unique to you and what makes you feel most comfortable. That’s the key. When you are feeling relaxed and in a comfortable state the ideas can flow to you more easily.



Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Another great reason for having a thinking chair is that this is what it will be known for. You will associate the chair with having good ideas and in turn, this may help you have better ideas. If you make it a place where you feel good you will really enjoy spending time thinking there.


Having a Good Chair Affects Your Work

Not everyone has the luxury of having room in their homes for a separate office, let alone a chair just for thinking. But if we are hoping to achieve certain goals in our writing it is important to carve out a separate space that is just for us.

Having a comfortable chair is very important as we sit in the same space for long periods of time and a good executive chair can help maintain a healthy posture. Dr Susan Hallbeck, PHD Dr Susan Halbeck, PhD, reminds us that we cannot be productive when we are in pain.



The World Can Be Our Thinking Chair

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that no matter how hard we try to write or form ideas, the words just will not come. It’s at times like these that the most productive thing we can do is take ourselves away from screens and distractions and take a step back. Spending some time in nature can be very beneficial for refreshing the mind and getting the juices flowing again.

Even just a quick walk around the block can do wonders for recharging our creativity. Some may find their best ideas come when they are watching the world go by in a coffee shop.

We’re in a unique situation where we can work from anywhere so let’s enjoy the freedom that writing for a living allows us.

Find what works for you and keep a notebook handy for all those ideas!