Having lunch is important so we can take some time to relax, take a break and refuel. But trying to come up with ideas for lunch can feel like a never-ending task. Some people opt for a sandwich because it’s quick and easy.  If you want to have something else for lunch that’s not a sandwich then consider these yummy options.



Yes, it might not be the most revelatory lunch ever but it is tasty and quick. We’re not talking about tomato soup in a tin, but if that floats your boat then carry on! No, we’re talking about fresh homemade soup that you can make in batches and then freeze for a quick meal. If you haven’t tried making your own soup then you’re missing out. They are both healthy and delicious. Carrot and coriander soup is delicious. I make it with coconut milk and add a small bit of potato, fresh coriander and a couple of spices. Add spices like turmeric and paprika to give it a bit of a kick. This is perfect for those cold afternoons when you need a bit of comfort food. What’s nice about it is it won’t leave you feeling like you need a big nap after! Add a bit of bread on the side if you fancy it.



Yes, again, granted it doesn’t sound that interesting at a first glance but it is nice and quick. And it can be interesting if the meal you cooked the day before was nice! Perhaps you can cook a bit extra of your curry, bolognese or stir-fry the night before and then save some for the next day. Pop in a box and reheat for a nice hot meal on your lunch break.



Eggs get their own category because they are just so versatile and make a great lunch option. You can boil eggs and have some rice cakes. Or scramble eggs and pop them on top of some buttered Ryvita. How about an omelette with some spinach, mixed herbs and peppers? Boiled eggs are great to have hot or cold and you can prepare them in advance. Eggs on toast may sound simple but it’s a classic that never gets old.


Mixed Platter

I love picky food. Sometimes it can get boring having a plate of the same food so why not mix it up a bit and create a mixed platter? You could include literally anything that you like. Think about a plate with a small portion of couscous, some chopped tomato, a little bit of cheese, a boiled egg, some olives. Yum! The food might not be what you think of when you think of lunch but it keeps things interesting!


Smoothie and Some toast

You can knock up smoothies really quickly with a blender. Not only are smoothies delicious but they are super healthy and you can get a lot of your fruit and veggie intake in one swoop. A smoothie alone won’t fill you up (well, it doesn’t me!) but you could accompany it with some toast. How about smashed avocado on toast with a bit of cracked pepper and salt and topped with a poached egg? Delicious!