Research suggests that taking a lunch break has benefits for our creativity upon our return to work. But apart from eating, you may want to inject a bit of fun into your lunch break. I mean the day can get a bit boring can’t it if all we do is work and follow the same predictable pattern? Many people spend their breaks scrolling on social media, which can leave you feeling miserable and unfulfilled. Shake up your day and try some of these fun things to make your days more interesting.


Learn Something New

Use your lunch break in a productive manner and learn something new that you have always wanted to. It could be something simple like learning about the location of different countries or you could work towards a certificate that can help you move into a career that you love. If you’re after free courses you can go to places like Coursera and Alison who also offer certificates. Udemy is also a great place for courses and you can learn pretty much anything for free on good old YouTube!


Do Some Yoga

Take some time to look after your mind and body and do some quick yoga postures. Again, YouTube is a great place for Yoga tutorials and Yoga with Adrienne is one of my favourite channels. You may want to do your Yoga before you have a bite to eat so you’re not exercising on a full stomach. Yoga is great for balancing the mind and increasing your energy levels too.


Listen to a Podcast

There are a lot of super podcasts out there to suit all tastes. Whether its a bit of comedy that you fancy, a chatty episode, or something from your favourite celebrity, there’s something for everyone. The great thing about podcasts is that you can download them onto your phone and listen without being connected to WIFI. So, they are great to pop on and take with you if you fancy a walk.


Read a Book

If reading is a passion of yours then having some time to read will be something that you look forward to doing at every opportunity. Getting lost in a good book is a great way to relax and lose yourself in someone else’s story. I love those books where you just can’t wait to pick them up and can barely put them down when you do. Find books that make you feel like this and you’ll never be bored again!


Complete a Puzzle

Completing a puzzle, like a crossword, can be a nice way to take a break. It helps keep your mind active and is a great way to focus on one particular task. To separate yourself from work get a little puzzle book that you can do away from the screen or see if there are any free ones online that you can print out.


Go Sightseeing

Yes, you may only have an hour for lunch or even just 30 minutes, but you can still go sightseeing! How on earth can we do that that I hear you cry? Well, on the internet of course! Yes, in an ideal world we would all be stepping away from our computers at lunchtime. But if you want to eat lunch while you look at something interesting then this may be for you. There are sites like Viator where you can visit famous places around the world as if you were there in person. And, dare I say it again??? There’s always good old YouTube. Oh, what did we do without YouTube?  You can follow along with vloggers who have been to places that you would love to. And if you are planning on travelling somewhere yourself it can be a great place to get research to create your own itinerary.


Plan Something Great

Having goals and dreams can really keep up motivated and help us to carry on going during difficult times. Have something that you are looking forward to that you can plan in your breaks and get excited about. Perhaps it’s a trip that you’re about to take and you want to plan your itinerary or maybe it’s something like moving house or creating a new business. Even if it isn’t something that is in your immediate plans, allow yourself to dream for your future and create a life that you love.

It’s important to take a lunch break so that you can take some time away from focusing on work and have some time to yourself. Adding in some fun things to do makes it more interesting and something to look forward to each day.