It’s so frustrating when you know you have loads of things to write but you crack open the laptop and as soon as you have loaded Word you suddenly have no words. Literally no words. They have all somehow escaped out of the top of your head and are nowhere to be found. Even constructing the most simple of sentences evades you and you’re left debating whether you are in fact a writer at all.

Yep! That’s the life of the writer.

But what is a writer to do? Instead of considering chucking your laptop out of the window, along with your career, try these tips to entice back your words.


Don’t Panic

Yes, even though it can feel like you have reverted to the literacy of a 4-year-old, take comfort that writer’s block happens to even the most famous writers.


Step Away

Step away from the computer, and away from your workspace if you can. Isn’t it funny that we can often get our best ideas when we’re not actually working? This is because the brain is able to really switch off when we’re not stressed so we can be more creative. Take a break and come back refreshed.


Take a walk

There are many studies that show that walking is not only good for our physical bodies but also our mental health too. It can really help to clear our minds. When we clear our minds we function much better.. Just like when you try and find your favourite pair of jeans in your currently stuffed wardrobe. But can’t. It’s the same with your mind. You can’t find ideas in an already stuffed mind.


Read something

Not only is reading a useful way to help our minds relax but it may help get our creative juices flowing too. So read lots. It may not even be in the area of your work. And maybe that’s better. But you never know where the ideas may come from. They may come from a sentence you read in a novel, an ad you see in a magazine or a logo on the flyer you have just received through your door. Stay open to receiving your ideas from anywhere and you never know when they may pop up.


Take time to daydream

Being chained to our desks all day is not the best way to be productive. Allow yourself to be free with your thoughts. If you can do this away from your workspace then that may be helpful. Try to relax as it’s so hard to be creative when you are stressing about being creative! Allow your mind to wander and see where it goes. Keep a notebook by your side to jot down any interesting thoughts that you may have.


Listen To Something

Try popping on a podcast when you are struggling with writer’s block. Consider listening to something that you don’t normally choose. Step out of your comfort zone and you never know what you may stumble upon. If podcasts aren’t your thing maybe try some upbeat music or calming nature sounds depending on how you feel.


Let Go of Perfectionism

Sometimes it’s the pressure of writing something perfect that leaves us stumped. What if you let that go and just wrote? Anything. Allow yourself to write now and edit later.

Sometimes the words are just not with today, and that is ok. Don’t try and force it if you aren’t able to and come back to it another day. There’s always tomorrow.