First of all, congratulations on having a home office! Having a space where you can shut the door and focus is a great way to increase productivity. But most importantly, there’s now an additional space to decorate, yay!



First, think about how you want to work and where you would like to position your desk. Would you like to face the window so you can look outside? Or would you like to have your desk in front of a wall so that you can see all of the lovely artwork that you have put up? Thinking about what you want on your desk and creating an organised space is also important as you will be spending most of your time here. Consider whether you would like to try a standing up desk as they can bring additional benefits.



Again as you will be spending so much time sitting down it’s wise to invest some time researching what chair will serve you best. Would you like a stool that you can wheel around the office or more of a high backed chair, for example?

If you get your best ideas when you’re cosy on the sofa consider adding a ‘thinking chair’ or sofa to your office. Accessorise it with a blanket to make your space feel cosy.



You will be spending a lot of time looking at the four walls that are in your office so think about how you would like your room to be decorated. Are you looking to be motivated, cosy or relaxed in your space? Studies show that colour can have a big effect on our mood and the way we feel. Think about what colour schemes suit your personality best and the feeling you are trying to evoke. If you don’t want to paint all the walls perhaps you could add a feature wall with a block of paint or wallpaper. Pretty wallpaper can completely transform a room and make it look super cosy. If you are renting think about adding pops of colour in different ways, such as plants and frames that can be placed on shelves.



Natural light is great for increasing productivity and getting things done. When the nights draw in we can feel little motivation to work after 3pm. Sometimes ceiling lights can be quite harsh so you may want to consider other ways to add more light into your space. Desk lamps and standing lamps are great to pop around the room and you can choose what wattage bulbs to suit the mood you’re trying to create.


Wall Art

You may feel most inspired when your walls are plain white and bare or you may want to add some wall art to get your creative juices flowing. Wall art can be added easily by grabbing some inexpensive frames and printing off some digital printables that you can find online, like Etsy. Or you could create your own with a program like Canva. If you need some extra motivation you may want to print out some simple quotes and pop them up on the wall. Or you could create a vision board and make it a centrepiece of your wall so that you can look at it every day and remind yourself why you do what you do.



Make it Your Space

However you decide to decorate your office, make it into a space that you want to be in. You may work from other places too but creating something that suits the way you work will help you to enjoy working there. Adding bits that fit your personality will make you feel comfortable and more likely to be productive.