If you love writing you have most probably been considering how you can turn your passion into some sort of income. After all, we all want to get paid for doing something that we love. That’s the dream. The good news is that you can get paid to write! There are lots of ways that you can go about swapping your words for cash and these are just a few ideas. And the great thing is you can write from anywhere so it is easy to get started.


Write a Book

When we think about a writer, a traditional writer, we think about novels and book deals, don’t we? Well luckily for us, things have moved on so much in recent years and we can just decide that we want to be a writer and publish a book. How? Kindle publishing is a platform on Amazon that allows anyone to self-publish a book. Whether it’s a full-on novel that you’re keen to get out into the world or a short story, there’s room for everyone.


Start a Blog

Blogging takes on many forms these days. Whether you fancy writing a blog about your favourite travel escapes, your niche collection of toys, or simply teaching others how to do a skill that you have mastered yourself, there can be a place for you in the blogging world. You will need to decide on your blogging platform, such as WordPress, and purchase hosting and a domain name. And then you can write about the things that you love to an audience, that hopefully loves the topic as well. Attract readers with keywords that they are searching for on Google (SEO). You’re probably wondering how bloggers get paid. Bloggers can earn money with affiliate links, display ads, sponsored posts and even selling their own products like digital downloads or courses. You could treat it as a side-hustle at first and write at lunchtime and evenings.


Freelance Writing

Creating a blog is not a quick source of income and can take time to get established, therefore, you may want to also look at freelance writing. Often blog owners themselves and other small businesses will be looking to outsource some of their writing as they grow. You could create a writer’s website and advertise your services there with plenty of examples of your writing, i.e. your portfolio. Then you will want to go ahead and search and pitch for jobs on various platforms that are actively looking for freelance writers, such as Problogger. You could also offer your services on sites like Fiverr and People Per Hour or reach out to businesses directly.


Content Mills

Unfortunately, content mills are well known for low paying writing jobs. Still, some people will choose to start here or use it as experience to get better-paying work later. You can go to platforms like Textbroker, Constant Content and Copify. You will usually need to apply and complete an unpaid assessment and wait to see if you are accepted. Textbroker has different levels that you can start from and the higher you go the more you get per word.


Write for Medium

Medium is a platform where you can write articles and get paid cash depending on how many views it achieves. To be eligible to earn on Medium they state on their website that you need to write one article, have at least 100 followers and publish at least one article every 6 months. There are two ways that you can earn money on Medium. One is by having readers spend more time reading your articles and the other is by converting a reader to a paid membership. For the first, you earn cash monthly and with the latter, you get 50% of the membership fee for as long as the reader is a member.

So, as we can see, you can get paid to write. It can sometimes be tricky to know which one to choose. But there’s no reason why you can’t do several at the same time. For example, if you have a blog, you could use this as your portfolio and then also get freelance writing gigs on the side. Just be sure that you’re not taking on too much at once and enjoy the process.