If you love writing you will almost certainly of thought about creating a blog. Blogging can be such as great way to share your passions with others and make an income at the same time. It’s very flexible and something that you can do on the side of a full-time job but it can also become your career.

However far you would like to take blogging it is a good idea to have a good plan at the beginning so that it does not become a project that’s neglected and forgotten about.

You may have read about your favourite influencers making money from blogging. The good news is that anyone can do this. Let’s start at the beginning.


Decide on a Topic

Before you begin writing even one word you need to decide on what topic you would like your blog to focus on. This is the time to get out a sheet of paper and start jotting down everything that comes to mind. Think about the things that you are passionate about. What could you talk about for the next few years? Is there a new hobby or experience that you are learning about? You don’t have to be an expert. In fact, sometimes it is better if you aren’t as if you are at the start of your journey your content will be relatable to beginners.



Domain Name

Once you know the topic your blog will focus on you need to purchase a domain. This is your online address where people can find your website. You can buy domains from places like Namecheap and GoDaddy. There are often sales on your first year so you can pick up a bargain. This needs to be renewed each year or every couple of years if you purchase 2 years upfront.



Hosting is where you host your WordPress website. There are different packages at different companies depending on your requirements. Hosting companies often offer a great deal to entice you when you first sign up but keep in mind that costs to renew can often be significantly higher.  If you want to lock in a good price you may want to consider buying a 36-month package. Some of the hosting companies include Bluehost, Siteground and Namecheap.



Setting Up Your Blog

Setting up a blog for the first time can seem daunting but it is quite a simple process. You will need to connect your domain to your hosting, install WordPress, install a theme, add plugins and create pages. You can learn everything you need to set up a blog from Youtube tutorials and Google. Be patient with yourself and take it one step at a time.


Create Content

Once you have created something that resembles a blog then you will need to fill it with content. Aim to write at least 10 blog posts, of 500 words or more, before you publish your site. This will give any readers enough content to keep them interested initially. Make your articles easy to read by breaking up the text with images and sub-titles. Create blogs that people will want to read by doing some keyword research first. In time, this will allow your site to show higher up on Google and, in turn, bring more traffic to your site. This is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). You can also promote your work on social media and network with other bloggers to grow your audience.



Create a Blogging Plan

Make a blogging plan to schedule when you will post a new blog. Have a list of blog ideas so that you are never stuck for content. Devise a realistic plan that you will be able to stick to. Perhaps you can write a couple of articles a week or maybe you have a limited time available and one post every week is more achievable for you. One post a week is still 52 after a year. Imagine if you did one every day!


Keep Going

Sometimes there will be days where you will question why you are blogging but don’t lose faith. Consistency and persistency will pay off and who knows where you will be in a year.


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