If you are lucky enough to be a freelance writer or someone who can choose their work setting then you can essentially work from anywhere. Still, lots of us have dedicated home offices where most of the magic happens (writing that is!). But sometimes we fancy a change of scene or writers block may set in. It’s at times like these that we start to think of alternative places that we can work that’s not the office.


Somewhere Else at Home

The first choice may be to consider where else you have at home that may be conducive to getting some writing done. Perhaps you have a kitchen that has a big enough space to have a table and that may be a good place to get a change of scene. Or maybe you have a lovely book nook area that gives you bookshop vibes (ooh doesn’t this sound like the dream space for working in!).


The Garden

If you have a big enough garden to work in you may enjoy setting yourself up outdoors. Or get one of those fancy sheds and kit it out to make an awesome workspace. This sounds ideal for a work-life balance when working from home.



It may seem like a cliché. A writer working in a café. But it still works. There’s food, it’s warm and there’s a bit of background noise if you don’t like silence. Plus, there’s bound to be other people there with their laptops doing work so it can help you to feel less isolated. It just depends on what kind of environment you prefer to work in. If you like to work in complete quiet then the next option may work better for you.


A Library

Oh libraries! Don’t you just love them! The great thing about working in a library is that you have infinite resources at your fingertips. Yes, the books. They’re not extinct yet. And when you fancy having a break you can pop open a novel and kick back for a few minutes. Plus, libraries have free WIFI. It’s an extra bonus when the library is super pretty.



Weather permitting of course! While you may not be able or want to, take your laptop outside to write a whole article you may want to do some of your ‘thinking’ work outdoors. Think about what you could do sat on a bench overlooking a river, lake or the beach, for example. Perhaps you could take a notebook and make some notes. Getting out in nature can really get our creative juices flowing. When you get home you may have an outline all ready to go.


Co-Working Space

Maybe you prefer to be around other people when you are working. Co-working spaces are great for bringing people together and allowing them to network. Even if you don’t want to network you could just take a seat in a shared office so that you have that proximity to others if that’s something that you crave.


Mix it up

You don’t have to work all day in the same place. Maybe you could spend the morning in one area and the afternoon in another. Or split your week up to do half at home and the other somewhere else. Work out what fits your personality and temperament best and try something new. After all, we spend such a lot of our time working we should at least do it in an environment that brings us happiness.