Your desk reflects who you are and what you do. If you have a messy desk it can mean that you are scattered and disorganised. Some creatives swear by being able to thrive in a chaotic environment. But most of us need some sort of order to help is to not feel as if our brains will explode every time we sit at our desks. A cluttered desk can create a cluttered mind and decrease our mood.

The Importance of a Clean Desk

A clean desk is important for a number of reasons. If your desk isn’t clean, then you’ll have a lot less space to work with and you’ll be more distracted. It’s so much easier to focus on your work when your surroundings are organised and clutter-free. It is important to make sure your desk reflects who you are or want to be. It will help you to be at ease when you are working and be more productive. If you are in an environment with others then a messy desk will reflect badly on you. Unfortunately, it will send messages to colleagues that you are not as organised as you should be.

How to Tidy Your Desk

A messy desk can contribute to writer’s block. The first thing to do when your desk starts getting cluttered is to take a few moments to tidy up the mess. You can start by sorting things into piles; things that need to be chucked away, things to be moved elsewhere, and things that need to stay on the desk. Then, put away any items that don’t need to be on the desk in the first place, such as phone chargers etc. After that, you should start tackling other tasks like organising papers into stacks or popping pens and pencils into their respective containers. You may want to do this after you have finished work as if you haven’t tidied your desk for a while it may take a bit of time to get it sorted.

Get Storage

If you are still finding that your desk is getting cluttered then you may need to think about whether you have the right amount of storage. Under-desk options and wall-mounted options can help you get rid of some of the stuff that needs to be in reach of your desk but just not on it.

Keep Your Desk Organised

It can be easy to tidy your desk once and expect it to stay that way forever but we all know that it just doesn’t work like that. Your desk needs to be maintained just like other areas of your home do. Take a few moments at the end of your day to tidy your desk. Put away things in the correct places so that when you start your day tomorrow you will starting with a nice clutter-free desk. It sets the tone for a productive day tomorrow and can help you switch off at the end of the day.

It is so worth getting your workspace sorted so you can work in an environment that is both pleasant and productive. Make it a space that you enjoy coming to each day. We spend so much time at our desks they may as well be a space that brings us joy.