No matter whether you are working from home or going into an office environment it is important to take a lunch break. Lunch breaks are not just for eating. We’re not just talking about grabbing a sandwich and bringing it back to your desk so you can continue with work. We are human beings and need to take breaks. Studies have even shown that lunch breaks are critical to our mental health.



Studies show that workers who took breaks during the day are more productive, experienced less stress, and had higher job satisfaction, than those who did not take breaks. We can come back to our work after a good lunch break and feel refreshed.


Physical Health

Taking a lunch break is particularly important for people with desk jobs because studies show that sitting for hours on end can lead to chronic back pain, diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. So, it’s important to get up from our desks during our breaks or after a long work session. You could incorporate some exercise into your lunch break or try some gentle yoga to stretch out your stiff muscles. But just getting up and moving around will be beneficial in the long term.



Meal Planning

Taking a break during the day allows us to have some proper time where we can enjoy and digest our lunch. Sometimes when we are fixated on getting a job finished or trying to fit lots in, we can forget to take a lunch break, and with that forget to eat as well. Or we try to guzzle a quick sandwich while still tapping away with the other hand. This is not good for our mental or physical health.


Clear Your Mind

When we’re sat for hours working on the same thing our mind can become blocked and stagnated. Steeping away from the laptop and getting a change of scene can do wonders for our thinking. Sometimes we feel if we just keep going then we will get more done, but it just doesn’t work like that. Think about when you get your best ideas. Often people will say that when they actually step away from the desk and into nature or go for a walk, they have a shot of inspiration. Why do you think that people have some of their best ideas in the shower? It’s because we can really switch off and have a moment of calm.


How Long For Lunch?

So hopefully you are now a convert and will ensure that you take a lunch break every day. But how long is the ideal lunch break? Obviously, this may depend on what your workplace has set up for you. If you are lucky enough to set your own working hours then taking an hour can have lots of benefits. Firstly, it allows you to actually eat some food and also have enough time to digest it. You also have time to do something you enjoy on your lunch break, like taking a walk or reading a book.